VANTAGE Tactical Robot Videos
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Vantage Overview

An overview of the Vantage Tactical Robot.

Pomona CA PD Successful Deployment

Fox11 news cover Pomona Police Department during a barricade situation after officers responded to a shots fired call. The Vantage robot was successfully deployed.

Training Video

ABC7 news covers Santa Ana Police Department training with the Vantage robot.

Deployment Testimonial

Sgt. Jeromy Hill describes a recent deployment of the Vantage robot including body cam footage.


Anyone can control the robot. No specialized training required. Just press the joystick forward and the robot will overcome almost any obstacle.

Traverse Random Obstacles & Clothing

Transcend’s double patented technology allows for traveling over a variety of obstacles including clothing, blankets, cords, shoes, etc.

Zero Radius Turn

Robot can spin in a complete circle even on difficult surfaces like shag carpet, and has been designed to turn around on an international stair standard landing.

Pan Tilt Zoom

The robot includes a 25x pan tilt zoom camera that has the ability to perform a 360 degree continuous rotation with automatic infrared lights for seeing in the dark.

Full Camera Suite

In addition to the infrared camera, the robot comes with a FLIR thermal camera and an independent drive camera.

Two-way Audio

If the robot comes into direct contact with an individual, the operator is able to have a 2 way conversation.

Gas Deployment System

In an industry first, the VANTAGE robot is able to deploy up to two hot or cold gas grenades.

Superior Wall Signal Penetration

A remote robot is only as good as the distance it can be utilized. The Vantage unit comes standard with a 2 Watt signal booster for superior distance and wall penetration. It consistently achieves a 600 / 300 foot operational range (line of sight vs. obstructed).

Easy Battery Swap

Sometimes tactical situations can take many hours to complete. Therefore, the Vantage robot has been designed for easy battery swapping.

Easily Transportable

The robot is 36 inches long and 17 inches wide and weighs about 50 lbs. As such it is easily transportable by an individual and can also be fitted with an optional backpack for longer distance travel. It easily fits in a standard trunk and can be deployed in just 3 mins.

Modular Payload Bed

The robot’s sturdy design provides for over 100 lbs carrying capacity and can handle a variety of payload and other attachments (GoPros, baskets, etc.)